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If or when you are ready you can ask to be put on "Alert".  You will receive regular updates on new and revised listings that fit a criteria that you yourself have chosen.

As a member you will be able to browse through listings,  and make requests for additional information without having to leaving my site. (pardon pun)

If you are on "alert" you receive updates at the same time I do.

First Time and   Past Visitors

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Some site content changes

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every day

Some site content changes


Hey Seventeen, are you OK?

Oh hi Eighteen. No not really. I just came from the Doc.  He gave me 12 months.

Cartoon updates 



You can take advantage of  Jazz's extensive list of tried and true professionals. We demand the highest standards within their respective area of expertise.


Collectively they offer worry free solutions to all your Real Estate and related needs. 

House Cleaning Services

( Oh ya, and I have a cool handshake!)

please don't bug me

In fact I will treat you just as your boss should treat you  when you are on vacation.

What happens when I decide to join the Group?

I will not contact you unless you first reach out to me for some help.

Some people are hesitant to offer their email to a stranger.  I fully understand how you could feel that way.  At the bottom of this page is all of my information including  my personal cell.  Trust is a two way street and I've crossed the street to extend my hand.        

Please don't bug me.

If you were to become a client of mine I would have a fiduciary (legal) duty to provide to you 

"The Highest Standard of  Care."

Any information you share with me, whether you choose to join my site or not, whether you become a client or not, I would exercise that same duty of care.


As a member you  would have access to need to knows on many issues including,  



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